आपकी जीत में ही हमारी जीत है
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About Lalsot

Lalsot is a town in Dausa district of Rajasthan. Also a municipality, it is one of the fast developing towns of Rajasthan. Lalsot provides basic facilities to its residents. There is proper arrangement for sewage and water management in this town. Dhoondari and Hindi are spoken in this part of Rajasthan. The history of the town dates back to 1787 where the Marathas and Rajputs fought in the Battle of Lalsot.

About Lalsot

Attractions of Lalsot

During the Festival of Ganguar, the town of Lalsot witnesses "Hella Khyal Sangit Dangal" - a tradition which has been alive for the past 265 years. In this festival Dangal, parties perform continuously for 48 hours. The Sangit Parties perform music and Tukka songs and entertain the public with their melodic songs. These songs are always related to critical public issues and current affairs, thus they are creative and informative, and help in creating awareness among the government officials and dignities present. Thus, these songs put forth their grievances via songs and music or comment on social, political and economic issues. People from all around the state come to visit this town during this festive season as it is one of the biggest festivals of the state itself. The first half of the Dangal is dedicated to the Gods, and a tribute is paid to Lord Ganesha, a tradition which has been followed since many years. It is a famous cultural festival of the Dausa district. It is performed at Purani Anaj Mandi of Lalsot.There are few hotels and lodges in this part of Rajaathan to meet the requirements of the visiting tourists.

Hotel Kesar Gulab
Lalsot, Rajasthan 303503, India

Saini Bhawan
Lalsot, Rajasthan 303503, India

Talabgaon Castle
Tasil Lalsoat, Dausa, Rajasthan 303503, India
6.7 KM distance

Healthcare in Lalsot

Being a small town there is limited presence of hospitals and chemist shops in this part of Rajasthan. Most of these assure 24 hour facility to meet the requirement of the patients.

Government Hospital
Lalsot, Rajasthan

Mother Baby Care Center
Rajasthan State Highway 24, Lalsot, Rajasthan

Navjeevan Hospital
NH11B, Lalsot; Rajasthan

Geeta Devi Eye Hospital
Lalsot, Rajasthan

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